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The gold coloured fish is on a dark background with its head to the right, tail to the left. It has one long fin and the top and two smaller one below, with another small fin behind its head. The caption reads Common Carp and this is also in Braille.
Tactile fish by Tim Chalk of Chalkworks, Edinburgh

The Trust's trip to Edinburgh coincided with the early December storms and the train journey ended at Preston. We spend the night there admiring their buildings and chatting to very friendly people. Also, too late in the day, we realised that the Harris Art Gallery there had contacted us many years ago about tactile exhibits, but nothing came of it. By the time we remembered this, the gallery was closed for the day. The conference in Edinburgh, Touching the Past, was interesting. Part of the aim was to compare craftsman made artefacts of items that could not be handled with 3D printed examples. The results were interesting and certainly the craft works were more aesthetically pleasing but the 3D printing could show things not always possible otherwise; an example was some woven cloth imprinted on the base of a clay pot. The Trust gave a presentation and proudly, and perhaps a little smugly, showed the demo 3D model of Ludlow Castle that we did four years ago. We were pleased that people liked the work we had done and we saw away books and leaflets. However, with the financial squeeze on museums and heritage sites there is little that can be done at the moment. It was also a time to catch up with old friends: David Allan who was part of Angus Modelmakers when we produced Glasgow Cathedral and its precinct, our first tactile model of the townscape and Tim Chalk who made one of our fishes for our tactile research. Kerry Hammond, of Powderhall Bronze who cast our first bronze models, was showing her work in an exhibition entitled Meeting the Makers. They had cast an very early church bell which was on display. It was also good to see Edinburgh again which was very busy with Christmas shoppers and a German market in Prince's Street Gardens.

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