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The Phoenix Initiative, Coventry

Eric Sayce, wearing a grey cap, dark glasses and a white jacket, and accompanied by his guide dog Harry, tries out tactile sections of the new map with Colin Dale of the Phoenix Initiative, who is wearing a dark pin-stiped suit and a white tie. The map is framed in a stainless steel stand with the title 'Priory Gardens and Visitor Centre' above it. Behind and to the left is a timber-framed building of Priory Row, and to the right a large Victorian building.
Eric Sayce and Colin Dale in Coventry

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The Dog Rose Trust has been working with the access group in Coventry for some years on the changes that are taking place in the city during the development of the Phoenix Initiative. The Trust produced swell paper tactile plans of these changes in consultation with the access group so that blind and visually impaired members could understand what was taking place.

Now the work on the Phoenix Initiative is nearing completion and these tactile plans are being made in a more permanent form. The first panel was installed in March 2003. It shows the area of the Phoenix Initiative together with a more detailed plan of Priory Gardens. The aim is to use a similar design for each of the panels with the detailed plan changing for each venue.

The panel was made by tactile silk screen printing overlaying full colour digital printing on steel and then laminated for extra durability.

Eric Sayce, who is registered blind, is a member of the consultative group for the disabled which has liased closely with the organisers of the Phoenix Initiative throughout the ambitious scheme. He said: "This is vital because it is the only way blind and partially sighted people can read a map. This is a map which of course will be able to stand up to the weather and I am delighted it is now in place."

For further information about this panel and tactile silk printing, contact the Dog Rose Trust.

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