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Bronze model of York City Centre

A bronze three dimensional model of the centre of the City of York is shown in the square in front of the west end of the Minster. It stands on a cream stone plinth and in the background are some of the arches of the doorways of the west front of the Minster and the trees and grass of the nearby gardens. The prominent feature on the model is the Minster itself which is much larger than the surrounding buildings.
The York model

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There can be little doubt that the City of York is one of the most interesting in the World. Its history, its architecture, its present and its future are of interest to all of us.

Now a model, designed by the Dog Rose Trust, has been made in bronze and placed outside the west end of the Minster. The model has been carefully designed with Braille labels to make it available to everyone. The plinth has been designed to allow visitors in wheelchairs to see and to reach over and touch the carefully designed and modelled buildings, features, roads and spaces. The design is based on discussions with members of the York Blind and Partially Sighted Society.

A ground and aerial survey was carried out of that part of the city to be portrayed. An extensive range of photographs were taken to work from. Following this, a wooden model, based on exact dimensions, was made, with each building being carefully considered and their detail scaled to their significance. The architectural quality of the buildings has also been taken into account and the most important have been identified for the benefit of all visitors. Omega Models of Kirkintilloch, Scotland, made the wooden master model and Powderhall Bronze of Edinburgh made a lost wax casting in bronze from this model.

A group of people crowd around the three dimensional model at its launch. On one side a fair-haired woman is describing it to a dark-haired man who is exploring the Minster with his hands. In the background is one of the old houses around the Minster.
The York model's launch

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Those buildings of importance to blind and visually impaired persons have been specially detailed. The roads and crossings that they frequently used have been included. If smell could have been incorporated Thomas the Baker would have been high on the list!

An accompanying sound guide with a tactile plan is available from the York Blind and Partially Sighted Society. People who are blind and visually impaired can now explore the model in more detail.

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