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The Dorcas Project

A grey-haired man explores the white tactile plan with both hands. He is wearing a headset and listening to the commentary. This commentary is accessed with the brass buttons which are in several places around the plan which has a black background.
The Dorcas Project

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The Dorcas Project was developed using the principles of Universal Design and Multi-sensory Design. These principles involve designing for everyone and using all senses. The project, named after the guide dog of Eric Sayce and who was very much part of the Dog Rose Trust research team, uses sight, touch and hearing to communicate information. It is an exciting and expanding project now involving universities and major arts organisation. However, the prototype, which you can see here, is a plan of York Minster that can be seen and touched. Besides this when touched it plays audio tracks actually recorded binaurally in the Minster. This technique has proved itself in many situations. New developments take this idea into sophisticated design projects involving artists, musicians, soundscapers and sculptors together with those with perceptual problems to create a new world of art.

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