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British Road Transport Museum, Coventry, UK

Two dark-haired children are exploring a colourful tactile plan of the Museum. On the left is a little girl and she turns to face the camera leaving one hand on the plan. The boy on the right has his back to the camera as he continues to look at the plan. On the extreme right notices inform visitors that the Museum now has free entrance.
Children exploring a tactile plan

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The Dog Rose Trust worked on an audio guide for the Museum with Patricia Greene, otherwise known as Jill Archer, of the long-running BBC Radio 4 serial The Archers.

In order to give people with visual impairments the opportunity to visit the Museum independently, a tactile track was laid for guidance to the selected vehicles and their tactile scale models, which represent ten decades of motoring history. The models were placed on stands, with Braille name plates, next to the actual cars so that comparisons can be made. Tactile plans of the two floors of the Museum were provided, together with a talking sign at the entrance giving directions.

In one of the display areas, on the left, a blind visitor, with dark glasses, is exploring a three dimensional model of a horseless carriage which is set on a small metal legged table in front of a shop window. To the left, beside the visitor, another man, with fair hair and wearing a white jersey, is watching. To the extreme right of the picture is the Guide Dog, wearing his harness and lying down on the cobbled floor. In the back are some vintage bicycles.
Exploring a 3D model

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The Trust wrote the script for the main descriptive commentary and during the narration Patricia Greene exchanged repartee with Eric Sayce and his guide dog Harry at various points. They both claimed ownership of the elegant 1980 Daimler Jaguar - if they were lucky enough to be given it!

Special music was composed for the guide by Adrian Williams, who wrote a signature tune for the Museum and then a characterful one for each of the ten decades of motoring. These tunes were used as sound icons. Other sounds relating to the Museum were incorporated: the distinctive chug of the 1898 Daimler, the deep roar of the Victory Car, the Humber used by General Montgomery during the second World war, Lesley Sayer, one of the technicians, explaining how to ride a boneshaker cycle and Steve Bagley, the curator, on why he admires the design of the 1950 Standard Vanguard.

Many of the Museum's displays have now been remodelled and so further work is being carried out by the Trust to make sure that they are accessible to all.

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